Commercial Salting and Deicing

Reliable Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Services for Businesses and Property Management Companies

Commercial Salting and Deicing

At Northern Seasonal Services we can't guarantee you won't experience a lawsuit - no one can. What we can give you is peace of mind knowing that we have done everything possible to prevent one from happening.

Not only do we use deicers to dramatically lower your risk by melting away snow and ice, we also keep meticulous records of all work performed during a storm. We record how many times the service was performed, the ground and air temperature, snow load, and how much and what type of material was applied. We couple these with a detailed storm report sent to us by our contracted certified meteorologist. These records are keep for a minimum of 7 years. This proactive and detailed approach to clearing snow and ice gives you the maximum protection from claims of negligence.

How Do You Find a Reliable Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Contractor?

Commercial Salting and Deicing Trucks

You know it’s important to promptly remove any snow and ice on your company’s property. However, the problem lies in finding a contractor you can count on to do it. You’re familiar with all the same old problems with any type of contractor. Will they show up on time? Are they going to change their prices? If they make mistakes, will they do what’s right to fix them? Are you going to have to act like their supervisor?

At Northern Seasonal, we don’t skate around when it comes to quality commercial snow and ice removal service. Our owner has been removing ice since he was a teen in 1996. Since our opening in 2005, we’ve served many customers – and have an “A” rating with the BBB to show for it.

We contract with a local weather service to get up-to-the-minute weather information. We know when a storm is coming, and when it’s time to remove ice from you property before you do. Whenever there is an upcoming storm our ground crews will be out and ready to go long before the snow ever flies.

A dedicated snow and ice removal professional services your property every time. They know your property as well as you do, and remove your snow and ice faster than the competition.

Our Liquid Deicers Melt Ice on Contact, Cost Less, & Prevent the Formation of New Ice

Commercial Salting Deicing Product

While we carry both granular and liquid deicing products we use liquid salt brine when we can because it’s far more beneficial to you than solid ones. We also have a near limitless supply available because we can make our own brine in house and combine it with other commercially available deicing agents to make our own special brew formulated for your property.

It takes a ton of skill to do this right – most contractors are scared stiff use liquid deicers, let alone make their own! There are numerous factors that have to be thought of when applying the brine. Wind, time of day, type of surface, and surface temperatures all factor in to which and how much of each additive we need to include in our brew. Each batch is custom made for that storm depending on these factors, and sometimes will even vary depending on the property.

Make one small mistake while making your mixture, and instead of eliminating the ice once applied, you make an ice skating rink! You can see why inexperienced ice removal contractors are terrified of doing this on their own.

There are plenty of other reasons liquid salt brine makes sense for you too:

  • Most granular deicers work the same way. They have to form a brine after applied and it is actually the brine solution that melts the snow or ice. Depending on available humidity in the air and the outside temperature this can take up to an hour! Liquids are already in brine form and start melting as soon as they hit the snow or ice!

  • Our salt brine is also made with corrosion inhibitors which help to lower the salts environmental impact, these corrosion inhibitors also help to reduce damage to your property.

  • When using granular products you are almost always over applying what is actually needed. This leads to numerous damaging problems for your pavement, sewer system and environment! When we use liquid we are able to meter exactly what is needed to melt the snow and ice currently on the ground.

  • Liquid can even be applied prior to an upcoming storm to prevent the ice from forming, and or bonding with the pavement. This proactive approach is not possible with granular products as loose granular product on a walkway or roadway can actually create an even more dangerous situation as people and vehicles can lose traction on the loose material.

We start stockpiling our deicing materials in the summer guaranteeing a steady supply throughout the winter. We stock enough granular product to treat each property for the whole winter, and supplement whenever possible with liquids. This approach allows us to make sure we never run out of deicers. Last winter (2013-14) when other contractors ran out of salt halfway through the season all of our contracts were still snow and ice free because of our ability to supplement and use liquid deicers.

Trained and knowledgeable employees make all the difference!

Commercial Salting Crews

Our employees responsible for deicing your property are highly experienced and trained professionals. They have intimate knowledge of the deicers we carry and know the properties they are servicing (such as traffic flow and sunlight). We have high tech in-vehicle mobile data platforms which provide them with up to the minute information on the current weather situation. These systems supplement information provided to us by a certified meteorologist, allowing them to make split second decisions on how to best rid your property of it's snow and ice problems.

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Most of the work we perform is done by our own employees. In certain situations we will bring in subcontractors to help fill in the gaps during extremely heavy and prolonged events, but we’ve known them and their quality of work for decades.

We want to become your preferred snow and ice removal service so you can stop stressing and focus on running your business instead.

Get your FREE, fully customized commercial salting and deicing estimate today by contacting us online or calling 847.321.8261.

Want to see how your current contractor is stacking up? Call us today for a free no-hassle snow removal estimate for the 2013-14 season.

Our primary service area includes Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette, Winnetka, and Northfield. Other areas are serviced on a case-by-case basis. Please call our office if your property is outside of our main service area.

Our large fleet of vehicles and machines allows us to keep up with mother nature no matter what she throws our way!

With newer equipment, and mechanics on staff our fleet is ready to go 24/7. Once mother nature starts we don't stop until your property is open.

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